What You Need to Know About Building Your Own

by:Longsun     2020-05-18
There are several things you must know in order to make your own solar panels at home. Lacking such domain knowledge can render your work ineffective. In the worst case, your solar panels may not work. I have listed here several areas that you have to get knowledgeable about before you build PV panels. I hope this can help you get started: 1. How to tab solar cells There are small solar cells wired together in series and in parallel inside your solar panel frame. You'll need to know how to connect them properly to achieve your intended current and voltage output. 2. Securing solar cells to the substrate Solar cells need to be secured properly to the substrate. If this is not done properly, your PV cells can crack under stress due to repeated expansion and contraction. 3. How to choose a suitable material for your substrate Some materials warp under heat or moisture. Although you will make your panel frame waterproof, you will still need to choose a material that is resistant to warps. 4. Making a solar panel frame This is one of the most important part of building a PV panel. Frames take the stress of climate changes and resist the abuse from precipitation. With a good frame, your solar panel can last longer, saving you some money on repairs. 5. Which types of glazing to choose for your PV panel frame Some glazing reflect so much sunlight that its efficiency is affected. Also, in areas where there is hail, you have to choose a glazing that is strong enough to withstand these impacts. 6. How to waterproof your PV panel If moisture seeps into your PV panel frame, the metallic connectors will corrode over time. Condensation also forms at the inside of the glazing, making the solar power generator less effective. 7. What types of connectors to use for PV panels There are standard connectors that are used to connect solar panels to the inverters. By using them, you can make sure there isn't any problem installing other types of PV panels in the future if you want to. 8. How to make an inverter Many people want to make their own inverters for fun. But inverters are pretty affordable and you don't have to make them if you don't want to. 9. Connecting your PV panels to the inverter and calculating the wire requirement It is important to get your wire sizing right. If you use thicker wires than necessary, you waste money. If your wires are too thin, your power output is eroded by resistive loss. Thus you have to learn how to make calculations to arrive at the ideal wire size. 10. Sizing your PV panel system This is also another important subject to learn about. You won't want to make your solar energy system bigger or small than necessary. Otherwise you'll either be inconvenienced or be wasting money on needless equipment. 11. How to install solar panels Installing solar panels on roof requires an expertise you may not have. Therefore you need to learn how to do this, or hire a professional to do it.
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