Using the Sun As an Energy Source

by:Longsun     2020-06-06
Quite simply put, 'Solar energy' is power that is produced from the sun's rays. Sunlight has a plentiful supply of power; it gives off warmth and light. For us Americans, the benefits for applying solar energy are great: 1. It's free - Each morning with every daybreak, the solar energy unveiled by the sun filters through our atmosphere delivering light and aiding in radiating heat. This has been going on for millions of years however it is only a short while ago that we have commenced to take advantage ofthis abundant source of endless power. In the earlier years, the Greeks and the Egyptians have been thought to be harnessing the power of the sun to heat whatever they wished to by concentrating on its radiation. 2. It's non-polluting - The power from the sun is clear and absolutely free of any contaminants; as opposed to numerous resources of power present today like petrol or natural fuels that leave by-products and often harmful fumes when used to create power. 3. Extremely reliable - The sun has been burning up for approximately four and a half billion years now. It is probably going to burn on for an additional four to five billion years to come. That's certainly a very long time. Every a. m. it immediately shows up and fades away for the nighttime whilst it lights up another segment of the earth. The saying 'as sure as day' well let's just say that that expression is right on the money. Based on which corner of the world you are in, you can harness the power of the sun to either store it aside or focus its energy in a distinct way. 4. Limitless - There is no limitation on how much power we can use from the sunlight. Obviously, the amount of power that comes from the sunshine every few moments; if successfully utilized can power the whole United States of America for an entire year. If we were only capable to take advantage of the tremendous energy of the sunlight we would be in a position to solve all the worlds' electricity challenges. 5. Why Not? - Ever ask yourself why no one considered this earlier? How it that so much of the sun power appears to be to go completely unseen and is eventually wasted? Well one of the explanations that this amazing electric power reserve is commonly lost is the simple fact that the sun light that we truly get is so very thinly dissipated throughout the earth to be able to bring about sufficient power if we try to harness it. For us to be capable of really funneling the power of the sun's rays we would have to have the capacity to manipulate, concentrate and save the sun's power. This is no easy task. So far we have only been able to develop three partly effective means of obtaining solar energy. The Reflection Method - Mirrors / Parabola Think about that mean kid who kills the ants by turning the magnifying glass just a bit till the sun starts to burn the ants. Well the reflection method isn't too far off from that idea. A parabolic mirror much like a dish antenna can be utilised to seize the sun's rays and focus them on an individual point. The radiation method This is the principle behind the solar power water heating. Painted black pipes sandwiched in between two tiers of glass, have water inside them that is warmed up thanks to the light of the sun. Solar panels A more recent technology the 'solar cell' is made up of treated silicon deposits, which when hit by the radiation of the sun bump electrons out of their orbits and therefore generate a void that needs to be filled by electrons from the other silicon deposits, this produces a disproportion of electrons and a flow of current. This current can be either immediately utilized or else stored away in a rechargeable power supply. What's stopping us? Despite the noticeable advantages of using solar energy it is most ill-fated that there are very few solar energy facilities around the world. Unfortunately, there are just so many obstacles blocking success's path with this notion completely. Scientific restrictions establish that the most effective solar cells created these days are still not capable of producing enough energy to be, in a commercial sense, practical without taking up huge surface areas. In addition, dependence exclusively on solar cells in not yet realistic, for if there were to be a cloudy day it could decrease the amount of electricity produced and that would be devastating for those individuals absolutely dependent on that power. On the dazzling side, continuous advancement and analysis of solar power is ending in much more effective solar cells that are a portion of the size of existing cells and churn out a lot more power. For now they are still expensive, but not far is the day when they will be cost-effective and accessible to the typical person.
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