The Secrets of Bringing the Cost Of Building Solar

by:Longsun     2020-04-07
Interest in building DIY solar panels has drastically surged in recent years. Because of this increase in interest the technology itself is becoming more and more accepted as a valid form of eco-friendly energy among residential households. As people are gaining more and knowledge about the medium, more cost effective building solutions are being created; and many of the parts that are used to build solar panels are now being stocked in ordinary hardware stores, rather than through specialist suppliers. Anyone can take advantage of solar power, regardless of where they live. In fact, solar panels can even be designed that require virtually no sunlight at all in order to work. Residential solar panels are not only simple to build, but are very easy to install and maintain. Most people opt to place them on the roof of their house as this will allow for maximum exposure. How Expensive are the Parts? Buying pre-built solar panels can be very costly. In fact they can be so costly that the savings amount may not even come close to the fees that are required; which will also include maintenance and installation. The costs to build them will largely depend on whether or not the builder owns, or has access to the tools needed, and whether or not they have the knowledge already to start building. Below is a detailed list of the average costs that are involved: Guidebook that covers building, installation and maintenance, $50 Panel components and materials, $150 General tools and equipment, $100 Soldering kit and electrical drilling machine, $50 This means that the average person will need to invest roughly $350 if they want to build a decent sized solar panel. These prices (although cheap in comparison to pre-built panels) could be drastically reduced if the builder can find materials at a cheaper cost. There are various ways to shed the price off purchasing solar panel parts. Many people will look on websites such as eBay for broken solar panels. These can be great for finding spares at massively reduced costs. Another good place to look is in a scrap yard. There could be frames and materials, such as piping and electrical wires that are perfect for certain types of cell. However, the best place to find decent and reliable first-hand materials is through the manufacturing companies themselves. Many of these companies will have offcuts and scrap material that they can't sell to stores and suppliers. Sometimes these materials work perfectly fine, but have been cut to the wrong size or shape. Many of these manufacturing companies will be willing to sell on quality first-hand products for a mere fraction of their retail value. Problems with Buying Cheap Parts Although they can be beneficial for learning how to build solar panels, the cheapest parts are usually far from the best. People that want to build solar panels that will not only stand the test of time, but will be efficient enough to drastically cut bill prices may need to purchase more expensive goods. This can prove to be more beneficial in the long run. Building a solar panel out of decent parts will still work out to be far cheaper than hiring an outside contractor, and parts can still be purchased through online shops for very good rates. Finding a Guidebook The first place to begin is to find a decent guidebook. Many people underestimate the importance of this aspect of the building process. The internet provides an abundance of different tutorial books, many of which have been written and designed by professional engineers that have built their own solar panels.
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