The Basic Steps to a Solar Panel Installation

by:Longsun     2020-04-24
Quite recently there has been a phenomenon which swept through the country, and even as of now more and more people join in on the movement every day. What exactly is this phenomenon? Solar energy. Contrary to most energy sources which we are using right now, solar energy is renewable and there is no way for anyone to own the rays of the sun, meaning that the only costs associated with using that energy are those of installing and maintaining the solar panels which harvest the energy. Solar panels can be used to generate both heat and electricity, and most people prefer to use both of them as it will allow them to reduce their heating and electricity bills. The best thing about it is that the process of a solar panel installation can be done by a local professional installer and electrician. While you should definitely use a professional installer, here is a quick guide to the steps involved in the process. The first step in a solar panel installation is plan where they are going, the type of fixings that will be required for your roof type and to confirm that there is space for them to achieve your reductions and returns. You will also need to check with your local planning department if you need planning permission. The second step is to make sure that you have everything you need. This list includes: the solar panels themselves, mounting brackets, wiring, an inverter, grounding tools, junction boxes, protection for an overcharge of current, as well as some disconnects. You must keep in mind though that while the project may be simple if all the instructions are followed, in practice many people have found it to be quite complicated, mostly because of the electrical systems which need to be set up. Once again, if you know what you are doing the process will more than likely prove to be challenging but far from impossible. The panels themselves should be mounted on the roof of your house, preferably facing south at a 40 to 50 degree angle. This is simply due to the fact that such a position will increase the amount of exposure to direct sunlight, making the panels work at their full potential. Most of the other parts which need to be installed have for purpose to make the contraption safer and more resilient, because after all it will have to spend every day of the year outside, contending with harsh meteorological conditions. To fit solar panels will require scaffolding to be put up to allow the installers safe access to your roof. Installers will mount the panels. Connect them to the inverter and then into your electricity supply. In any case, the process of a solar panel installation may be somewhat complicated, but in the end its all worth it considering you actually have the potential to get your house off the energy grid completely seeing as how solar energy can really cater to those needs. Even if you cannot do the installation yourself, you can always hire professional solar panel experts to do the job for you... so what are you waiting for to save the environment, as well as some money?
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