Tabbing Solar Cells

by:Longsun     2020-05-26
You may or may not know what tabbing solar cells is. That's ok, I'm going to explain the whole process here. All solar cells need to be tabbed before you can use them in a solar panel. Let's take a look at the tabbing process and why it's important. First, you need to know that you can buy solar cells in two formats: tabbed and untabbed. If you want to build solar panels fast you should go with the tabbed solar cells. They are a little bit more expensive, but you'll be able to pump out solar panels in under two hours. That being said, let's take a look at why we tab solar cells. Solar cells produce a minimal amount of power that's not really useful when charging a battery. Each cell produces at most 0.55 volts. We need to connect a bunch of cells together so we can get the voltage up so we can charge our batteries. Since each cells produces negative energy on the front and positive energy on the back we need to connect some wires on the front of the cell which then get attached to the back of the next cell in line. You can't just use any wire though. There is special wire for tabbing solar cells. It's very flat and thin. It allows us to easily attach the wire to the face of each cell. If you don't know where to get tabbing wire you can get it fairly cheap on eBay. Once you have your tabbing wire you need to cut it into lengths that are twice as long as each cell (half goes on the front of one cell the other goes on the back of the next cell). You will also need to tin your tabbing wire. This simply means you have to put some solder on half of the wire (part the joins to the face of the cell). Once all of this is done you simply need to put some flux on the cell and solder the wire to the cell. It's best to use a soldering iron with a chisel tip as it's quite a bit easier. We now have a way to connect our cells together so we can get a useful amount of power out of them. You'll need to string your cells together and put them in a frame. You're going to have your homemade solar panel finished in no time.
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