Solar Power - The Sun's Renewable Gift to Mankind

by:Longsun     2020-06-06
Most people would associate the sun with activities that they would normally do during the summer. For instance, if you ask kids to give you what they do on a sunny day, they would most probably come up with words such as sun bathing, out door sports, games and the beach. But did you know that there are far greater benefits that we can get from the sun? In the past, the Egyptians adored the sun as a god, and they had good reasons to. To them, the sun is a powerful being that gives life to the planet. In the modern world, we don't have to go quite as far as ancient Egyptians did, but now, with solar power, we know how useful the sun can be - something to be used and appreciated rather than worshiped! What is solar power? To put it simply, solar power is the energy that comes from sunlight. Through a sophisticated gadget (such as a solar cell), we can harness this energy and turn it into electricity. A few decades ago, these gadgets were not commercially produced because the parts used to create them were very expensive. Today, there are many, many homes equipped with solar panels on their roof. More and more households from different countries now prefer having solar power as their source of energy for their appliances, for cooking, and also for their vehicles. If you use solar cells to power your home, not only will you save on energy cost, but you will also save the environment. Because solar power is renewable, the use of solar cells does not contribute to any type of pollution. However, all things that have advantages have their own share of disadvantages. One of the disadvantages of solar cells is that they are too dependent on the sun that they stop collecting solar energy at night and during rainy, cloudy days. One of the first gadgets to have been equipped with solar cells is the calculator. With small cells that collect their energy from the sun, these solar-powered calculators could run without the use of batteries. The only problem is, when the energy is used up, they can't be used at night. During rainy days, they may continue to run, but they are not as efficient as when they are on a sunny day. Over the years, solar cells were applied to other gadgets and instruments. For instance, kids are happy with their solar-powered RC cars. Again, just like calculators, these toys can function without batteries. All you have to do is to put the toy under the sun, and give it time to collect some energy. Today, more and more houses are having solar panels installed on their roofs. When used properly, these panels are a great way to save money. Though these solar cells may be expensive to buy, they don't need much to maintain. Also, it will save you hundreds to thousands on energy bills in the long run.
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