Solar Module Panels Revealed

by:Longsun     2020-05-12
Introduction .... Light energy from the sun in ideal conditions (air-free space immediately above the ground) is a 1750W per square meter, and on the surface of the country just over 1000W..... The most advanced technical solutions, which are already used in the NASA space program, there is a degree of utilization of solar cells by about 40%, which would not be so bad that the cost of such cells is too high..... In our conditions we must meet the level of utilization below 10%, taking into account the relationship between quantity and price of energy obtained. Explanation .... Solar panels are expensive solar cells, which when exposed to light at the ends provide a certain voltage, usually 12V, 24V and 48V, which can be used to charge batteries and later for military use.. In most cases it is the perfect and sometimes the only solution to the places and facilities where it is very difficult or impossible to provide classical electricity..... Electricity that is obtained in the further exploitation of completely free, not including battery replacement every few years (like cars). Additional automation in terms of control of charging and discharging, solves this problem by providing a maximum working life of a battery. Products with voltage of 12V and 24V and the power of 2W to 280W. Depending on the production technology can be amorphous silicon, monocrystalline, polycrystalline, etc.. In the examples below could get a better picture of the need for the introduction of solar power systems and usage. . Controller charging the electronic device that regulates battery charging voltage. When the voltage reaches 14.4 V excludes the charge, and when consumption declines due to 13.4 V again involves filling. In the case of big spending, when the battery voltage reaches the critical point of 10.5 V (below which prevent it from irreversible chemical reaction and to a large reduction in capacity), the role of the controller to turn off consumers. Voltage converter (inverter) is a device which 12V DC battery voltage into 220V alternating. Voltage which is obtained on that occasion or square shape or a modified sine wave. All down converters are offered with a high degree of protection - short circuit, wrong connection, overload, overheating and with great stability at maximum.
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