Solar Module Panels Are Easier To Build Now More Than Ever

by:Longsun     2020-05-09
Solar module panels have become affordable to just about anybody that is looking to reduce their utility costs and use renewable energy. Just about anybody can make solar panels for a fraction of the cost it takes to normally purchase and install them. You don't even have to be a gearhead to do it. Technology has been evolving at an unbelievable pace the past decade or so. The cost to manufacture goods has dropped and has made many things much more affordable. if you can recall when the personal computer was first introduced en masse back in the eighties, it would easily set you back $5,000. My first IBM PC-XT cost about that much, with no hard drive and it only held a huge floppy disk with a monochrome monitor. It was HIGH TECH! Fun memories, huh? Solar panels are much the same way. People who were eco-conscious began installing them in the eighties and began to enjoy serious savings on their utilities, plus began to enjoy a certain amount of self-sufficiency they did not have by being obligated to purchase power from a utility company. The problem was, it took five to ten years just to recoup the costs from the savings. The difficulty with solar panels has always been how efficient the power transfer has been. It has been inefficient at best over the years. The difficult has never been the availability of the sun because the sun showers the planet with more energy in a day than we use in an entire year. Even the most mechanically challenged person can build solar module panels. You may want to power your whole house or you might just want to power your pool or just a few appliances. The process is quite simple and the materials are readily available. You don't have to have an over-the-top garage with 9,000 tools to build solar module panels either. The basic things you will need to build solar panels are: Screw DriverMultimeter to measure output power of each solar cell (Not expensive to purchase)Jigsaw for plywood cutting to form a base for solar cellsSoldering ironSoldering leadTabbing wire to connect all the solar cellsBus wire, if you billed more than one solar panel and put them in seriesStainless steel screwsGloves and caulk gunPaint to protect the solar panelsPaintbrush Wirecutters You really shouldn't need much more than this to make your solar panels. If you do not have these items, you will find they are all readily available. This isn't like restoring a car where you spend every weekend and alienate your spouse or significant other. You can do this and still have a life in minimum time. The peace of mind from doing this yourself can be very rewarding, in addition to being prepared for emergencies and reducing your cost of living.
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