Solar Cells - What Are the Different Types?

by:Longsun     2020-05-17
Solar cells are the major base component that makes up a solar panel, and that produces solar power electricity. There are different types of actual cells that can be produced, that can go into the make up of the panels. The cells have evolved over the past 30 years as the technology as advanced, and especially over the past 5 years, new highly efficient cells have been developed that have been revolutionizing the renewable power energy industry today. One of the first types of solar cells produced is a thin film photovoltaic cell. This type of film is more brownish in color, and looks like a photo film sheet. A great type of cell for its day, as it really got solar power started. It was rather expensive for the amount of power it produced, but its novelty was a start of something in its industry. The next break through in solar cell technology was the polycrystalline cell. This cell was much more efficient then the original type of solar panel. The major difference was its increase in energy density per square meter of surface. And that is the major aspect to look at, when looking efficiencies, is the amount of power or energy density you can produce per square meter of surface area. The Monocrystalline cell was the new improvement from the Polycrystalline technology. Although the difference between these two technologies is not a huge difference. It has become the most common type solar cell used today in solar power applications. The major difference in this technology is the improved ability to produce more electricity at more shadowed parts of the day, produce more power when its a cloudy day, and at lower levels of sunlight. From there the next improvements in solar technology is not so much efficiency but more so usability for different types of people and applications. Such as flexible solar cells. This change made the solar panels into a more soft rubber mat. The mat can be folded or fitted to fit curves and rolled up into bags for portable applications. This technology made the solar panel more user friendly for everyday people. The latest development in cells is currently one of the biggest and advanced changes for many years. They are called BIPV which stands for Building Integrated Photovoltaic. These types of solar cells are made to fit into your building while being invisible, so it is made to blend into the environment and into current structures. Such as roof tiles and windows. Having invisible power sources will be very attractive to the construction industry, which will start including them in all standard developments for the future. Giving us access to renewable power everywhere.
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