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250W Poly best price per watt solar panels


> Antireflective glass
> Translucency of normal luminance is increased by 2%
> Module efficiency is increased by 2%
> Self-cleaning function
> Service life is as long as 25 years (30 years optional.

Solar Cell

> High Efficiency PV Cells
> Appearance Consistency
> Color sorting ensure consistent appearance on each module
> Anti-PID


> Conventional frame
> Silver or black frames are optional
> Boost bearing capability and prolong service life

> Serrated-clip design tensile strength

> Seal-lip designglue injection    


> Anti-aging EVA, excellent weathering resistance TPT

Features of solar panel

Polycrystalline or Monocrystalline silicon is a material consisting of thin wafers that are cut from a silicon crystal which has grown in several directions. This advanced texturing process provides polycrystalline or moncrystalline solar panels with a higher power output than amorphous panels of the same dimensions, and makes them more cost and space-effective. These individual wafers are assembled into panels that are covered by durable, weatherproof tempered glass. Thanks to their efficiency and durability, these solar panels require virtually no maintenance once installed.


Solar panel is super energy saving and makes people life happy

Solar panel helps us to take full advantage of solar energy which is clean, inexhautible and pollution-free, and it converts sunlight into electric. In this way, we can help people in remote areas without mains supply and lack of electricity, and light up nights and bring people hope there.


Product Information

250W Poly best price per watt solar panels

Electrical CharacteristicsComponents & Mechanical Data
ITEM NO.KL-250W-PKL-300W-PKL-320W-PFront Glass Thickness (mm)High Transparency Tempered Glass 3.2mm
Maximum Power at ST(Pmax)W250Wp300Wp320WpJunction Box TypePass the TUV Certificate PPO(Black/IP65)
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp)V30.8V36.4V37.6VOutput Cables4mm²/0.9m
Maximum Power Current(Imp)A8.12A8.24A8.51AFrame (Material Corners, etc.)Aluminum-alloy
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)V37.6V42.3V45.8VEncapsulation MaterialEVA(0.50±0.03 mm thickness)
Short Circuit Current(Isc)A8.94A8.92A9.21ABack FoilWhite TPT(0.50±0.03 mm thickness)
Cell Efficiency(%)17.50%17.50%18.83%Fixing AdhesiveSilicone Sealant ( White)
Module Efficiency(%)15.37%15.54%16.58%Temperature Range (°C)-40°C to +90°C
Size of Module (mm)1640*990*401950*990*45Max Load Capacity(Kpa)2.4wind load/5.4 snow load
Number of Cell(PCS)60(6*10)PCS72(6*12)PCSValues at Standard Test Conditions
Weight(KG)18.5KG23.4KgSTCIrradiance:1000W/ m²
Solar CellPoly 156*156Module Temperature25°C
Power Tolerance0~+3%AM1.5



◆ Gird-connected power generation system.

◆ Off-grid power generation system.

◆ Building-integrated power generation facilities.

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