Solar And Wind Energy For Your Home

by:Longsun     2020-05-22
Solar and Wind power has been around for years. Getting energy from the sun will produce electricity from solar cells and wind energy for wind mills. Both ways are very good at producing electrical energy. First, you have to decide which will work best for you, or maybe both ways. With Solar Energy, you have to look at where you live and do you have a place you can install solar panels. Remember, the more sun you get the better the solar panels will work. If you have a roof or some place facing south you are in good shape. Also, you can not have trees, mountains or anything blocking your solar panels from the sun. Just be sure your panels will get all the sun from sun rise to sun set to produce all the energy you can get. Also, in the winter months the rising and setting of the sun is lower in the sky. You will have to take that into account also. With the materials of solar cells getting better all the time, you can produce more electricity in smaller spaces. Also, that will help you produce more electrical energy in larger spaces, if you have it. Assembling solar panels are also easier than ever before. If you can cut a 2'x4' sheet of plywood and use a few hand tools you can build them yourself and make as many as you need. Once you build a solar panel and find out how much electrical wattage it produces you will have an idea how many you will need to produce your energy needs. There are different grade solar cells, so the better ones will produce more electrical energy. But, you will have to pay more for them. That would be up to you. Solar cells will last for years and worth the money. After you build and install solar panels, they are almost completely maintenance free. That means a lot, you do not want something you have to work on and maintain all the time. Wind Mills have made a great come back for producing energy. First, you will have to look at your location and how high you will have to build it to capture all the wind energy you can. If you are in a good place that gets plenty of wind, this may work well for you. The generators that are made today are much smaller and lighter and the wattage output is greater. There are many different sizes of wind mills on the market. You don't have to have just one, you can have several small ones. It is all up to you and how much you need.
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