This solar panel series is mainly used for roof of rv, yachts, boats,
for outdoor charging 12V energy storage equipment. By replacing the glass,
These Solar Panels are 40-50% lighter than old glass panels, The aluminum backboard material is more lightweight and heat dissipation, the hardness is strong, Optional different power three grid or five grid conventional monocrystallie solar cells. Using integral laminating technology and composite materials, more durability, Strict quality control and selected, materials ensure the long-term reliability of the solar panels.
Product Benefits:
1. Applies to commercial, residential and utility scale applications.
2. Easily installed ground, roof, building face or tracking system.
3. Smart choice for on-grid PV system applications.
4. Reduces electricity bill and creates energy independence.
5. Modular, no moving parts, fully scalable and easily installed.
6. Reliable and virtually maintenance-free power generation.
7. Provides clean, quiet and reliable electricity generation.

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