Quality assurance of solar module
Numbers of safeguards are built into the manufacturing process to ensure that LONGSUN solar module reaching consumer meet the highest levels of quality and safety.  We incorporate the highest possible standards all along the supply chain – from raw materials, to manufacturing, packaging and distribution, to the point of consumption. Strict QMS helps us make sure that the products you enjoy are of the very best quality.

LONGSUN SOLARELECTRIC CO.,LTD has been engaging trade of buy solar panels both at home and abroad. We have experience in design and manufacture. The high output solar panel series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. The product is characterized by corrosion-free. All metal edges are rounded or provided with high-grade steel protection pipes and the support construction is made of hot-dip galvanized steel. Its arrosion resistance makes it not vulnerable to acid rain. Customers will find it is easy to use, take down, handle and pack away for shipping, which saves their transportation expenses. It has a long service life and secures a high second-hand value.

Our company will work hard to fulfill our commitment to responsibly managing its effects made on society, economy, and environment. We will run business in line with public expectations. Check now!
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