Raw material characteristics:
Cells: Adopt efficient(more than 18 %) polycrystalline Silicon solar panel package to ensure sufficient power generation of solar panels.

The output power of polycrystalline solar panels is strictly controlled at ± 3 % to ensure that each container is a positive difference. Its components are tested by internationally renowned laboratories to ensure the accuracy of the output rate. In the process of component production, advanced technology of screw free internal corner bond connection is applied, fastening seal, high mechanical strength, high light permeability tempered glass encapsulation and sealing waterproof junction box are used to ensure the safety of the components and ensure that these photovoltaic components are used for 10 years. The output power is more than 90 %; During 25 years of use, the output power is more than 80 %.

Polycrystalline solar panels are selected for packaging forms and junction boxes and other accessories to meet the requirements of field use, and the protection level reaches IP65. The component is resistant to wind pressure of 2400 Pa and can withstand wind speed of 120 Km/h. The strength of the component can withstand general wind sand, hail and snow pressure.

It can be applied to solar street lights, solar lawn lights, solar power generation systems, communications, and aerospace.

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