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High efficiency 305W photovoltaic polycrystalline solar panel 



300W 305W 310W 315W solar PV module for solar home system.

Solar energy products are a trend and good way to achieve zero home bills or commercial invest in the future. So choose a good solar panel is important.The key factors to consider when comparing solar panels are performance ( they should produce the power that the rating leads you to expect), quality, durability and beneficial warranty terms.


Quality and Warranty

For a period of twenty‐five (25)years commencing on the Warranty Start Date, loss of power output of the nominal power output measured at Standard Test Conditions (STC) for the Product(s) shall not exceed:
For Polycrystalline A grade solar cell, 3% in the first year, thereafter 0.66% per year, ending with 81% in the 25 th year after the Warranty Start Date;
The Warranty Start Date shall be defined as the date of the Bill of Lading date
10Years Manufacturing Warranty 
15Years Warranty 90% Power Output 
25Years Warranty 85% Power Output 

300W 305W 310W Poly Solar Panel Characteristics

●  high reliability with guaranteed +/-3% output power tolerance
●  The modules can withstand high wind-pressure,snow loads and extreme temperatures
●  Bypass diodes to minimize power loss with shading
●  High and stable conversion efficiency to ensure the highest quality

A Grade Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cell

●  Fomat:156±0.5mm, diagonal 200±1.0mm
●  Average thickness: 195μm ±20μm
●  Front(-): 1.5mm bus bars(silver)
Blue anti-reflecting coating(silicon nitride)

●  Back(+): 2.5mm wide soldering pads(silver)
Back surface field(aluminum)

Product picture

High efficiency 305W photovoltaic polycrystalline solar panel


> Antireflective glass
> Translucency of normal luminance is increased by 2%
> Module efficiency is increased by 2%
> Self-cleaning function
> Service life is as long as 25 years (30 years optional)

Solar Cell

> High Efficiency PV Cells
> Appearance Consistency
> Color sorting ensure consistent appearance on each module
> Anti-PID


> anti-aging EVA, excellent weathering resistance TPT


> Conventional frame
> Silver or black frames are optional
> Boost bearing capability and prolong service life

> Serrated-clip design tensile strength

> Seal-lip designglue injection

 Junction box

> Conventional standalone edition and engineering custom edition
> Quality diode ensures module running safety
> IP67 protection level
> Heat dissipation
> Long service life

Product Information

High efficiency 305W photovoltaic polycrystalline solar panel

Solar Panel Parameters


Optimized working voltage


Optimized working current


Open circuit voltage


Short circuit current


Nominal power


Operating temperature

-40℃ to+85℃

Maximum system voltage


Series fuse rated value


Power tolerance


Cell specification

156×156mm (6inch)

Arrangement quantity


Solar panel dimension




Glass specification

3.2mm(0.13inch) tempered glass


Anodised aluminium alloy

Rated operating temperature


Pmax temperature parameter


Voc temperature coefficient:


Isc temperature coefficient


Notic:Data under standard testing condition (STC):1000W/㎡,AM1.5,25℃.

Product field:

1. Gird-connected power generation system

2. Off-grid power generation system

3. Building-integrated power generation facilities


Polycrystalline silicon solar panels,

lightweight solar panels

Payment Term



30% T/T in advance, paid the balance before shipment



30% T/T in advance, paid the balance against copy of B/L



L/C amount above 50,000 usd, we can accept L/C at sight

West Union

Amount lower than 5000usd

West Union

Delivery Time

7~10days after receiving payment for one container

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