Obama's Blame Game Continues - Blame China for

by:Longsun     2020-05-29
Every time we turn around, the Obama administration is blaming some other group for their own failures. I can recall Obama blaming the gambling/hospitality industry, the corporate jet industry, all the rich people, Wall Street, and now China. It appears to me that this individual we know as our president has spent his life blaming everyone else for everything. But does he really have the right to blame anyone else for anything, he is the president of the United States, rather he should just say thank you. Still, this latest blame game is just political pandering to an already inefficient industry, the alternative energy sector. Let me explain. There was an interesting article in Reuters the other day on March 20, 2012 titled 'U.S. solar to get Obama aid in battle with China,' by Doug Palmer which stated: 'A coalition of seven U.S. manufacturers asked for duties topping 100% on Chinese-made solar cells and panels, as they say are subsidized by the Chinese government and 'dumped' in the US at unfairly low prices,' and apparently, 'China's biggest solar manufacturers, which include Suntech Power Holdings Co, Trina Solar, and JA Solar Holdings, generate more than 20% of their annual sales in the United States, making it the second-largest market for them after Europe.' Okay so, yes it appears the Chinese are subsidizing their solar industry because they want to create jobs, and because there are buyers for solar panels around the world due to all the global warming alarmism, and the push for alternative energy. They saw an opportunity which was created and they filled the demand as fast as possible. Further, the Obama administration in its regulatory attack on the coal industry has caused the need for more solar panels. In the United States we want cheap solar panels, so that our energy bills are lower, which is a good thing for Americans. It is interesting that we go out of our way to unbalance industry, over regulate it and then overtax it, and give subsidies to our own solar industry, and loans to build large solar projects, many of which have gone bankrupt, and guaranteed loans by the taxpayer for companies making solar panels, well, we all know what that means. We aren't to exactly free from the charge of crony capitalism, political manipulation, or in a way subsidizing our own solar industry. Of course, when something doesn't work out, the Obama Administration's way out is always to blame someone else, in this case China. It's not that China didn't do those things, they most certainly did, but it's very interesting that we are busy calling the kettle black. Meanwhile there were two interesting articles in the MIT Technology Review recently titled; 'Manufacturing Method Promises Cheaper Silicon Solar' by Phil McKenna and; 'Startup Aims to Cut the Cost of Solar Cells in Half,' by Kevin Bullis. Perhaps, we should stop playing around with free-market capitalism, and let it do its thing. If other nations cheat, and that lowers the price, then to compete we have to work harder, more efficiently, an do more research to win. Kevin put out another interesting insight not more than a couple of days later; 'Could Tariffs on Chinese Solar Panels Do More Harm than Good? - In the short term, tariffs will help U.S. solar panel makers. But they could have unintended consequences,' where he brings up a few of my points here, along with some other seriously compelling arguments on top of those. Okay so, I ask; since when have Americans been afraid of competition? If a start up can cut the cost of solar cells in half, then I would suggest that they bring it on, and make it available to the rest of the world. In that case they can compete fine with China without the hundred percent tariff. You see that point? Rather than blaming the competition, let's go kick their butt in the free-market. What's the matter? Haven't you guys ever competed in the real world before - life isn't always fair in the real world, you have to play the hand you're dealt, and you have to rise to the occasion - and yes, some people cheat, so beat them anyway and then stand tall and know you can do anything, we are Americans after all. If you can do that, you shouldn't be leading rather, you should get behind someone and follow those who can. Please consider all this and think on it.
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