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Recommended applications:

Any large or small connected or off-grid solar power station.
Roof systems for commercial and industrial buildings
Biochemical system.
Any commercial or industrial ground installation system
Solar TV sets, solar power generation, solar water heaters, solar street lights, road solar street lights, solar vehicles/electric vehicles, satellites, spacecraft, space solar power stations, energy-saving lights, environmental protection.


High quality anodized aluminum frame, high efficiency long life, easy installation, strong wind resistance, strong hail resistance.

Is solar power difficult to use?

Although the production of solar panels incorporates a high-tech manufacturing process, it is really very easy to use a photovoltaic system. Solar panels have no moving parts to wear out, they can be used alone or in combination with other energy sources, and they are silent, reliable and long lasting.

What can you power with Photovoltaics?

A properly designed photovoltaic system can supply electricity for many applications, from small remote lighting needs to megawatts of power for large utility companies. An advantage of photovoltaic power is that it can do anything a traditional power generator can do, only without consuming pollution-causing fuel, or requiring noisy motors.

What is a PV system?

A PV system consists of all the equipment and materials needed to generate solar energy, including solar panels (often called modules), a support structure, wiring, an inverter, a meter and other equipment as required by a specific application. Longsun Solar’ s PV system for commercial buildings, and ET Solar system for residential uses are examples of complete PV systems.

What is a solar module?

Solar modules are series of solar cells, wired together and enclosed protect them from the environment. They are often referred to as in self-contained glass units to solar panels as well.

How do solar cells work?

Solar cells are solid-state devices in which photons (or packets of light) collide with atoms. This process transforms the resulting into electrons. These electrons flow into wires connected to the cell, thus providing electric current to appliances, lighting systems or other electrical loads; and all of the power comes directly from the sun.

What is Photovoltaic Power?

Photovoltaic (PV) power is a term used to describe the process of converting sunlight into electricity with solar cells. These cells are specially constructed from semiconductor materials, and are treated to generate a flow of electricity when sunlight shines on them.

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