Learn How to Make Solar Panels - It's Much Easier

by:Longsun     2020-05-21
Many people would cringe at the mere thought of building a solar panel but there is no reason why this should be. Yes, the technology is new, but learning how to make solar panels doesn't require a lot of technical knowledge or expertise. Rather what is called for is simply a willingness to 'have a go'. As with any project you'll have your list of the required items, the materials and components. You'll need pre-tabbed solar cells and also diodes, but apart from these items most if not all of the other items are likely to be found in the workshop - glue, solder, screws, insulated wiring, silicone caulking compound, plastic panels and some fiber board. Black or dark-colored paint would also be useful. Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts would most likely already have the necessary tools such as wood saws, hack saw, a soldering iron, screw drivers, pliers, wire strippers and cutters. So, one should now be ready to start. To make the solar panels you will need to obtain solar cells. You won't find these at your local hardware store nor at your local electrical dealer or wholesaler. But the best way to locate suppliers is to utilize the internet. Many companies specialize in supplying such needs. This applies no matter where in the world you live. Once you have these solar cells it is easy to see how you can make your solar panels. Simply make a shallow box to hold these solar cells, place the cells flat in the box and then join them together in series. Painting the box in either black or a really dark color will mean that any reflected heat energy will be absorbed by the solar cells. Next make sure that the back of the box is fully protected from the effects of weather by applying silicone caulking, and seal and protect the front of the solar panels by fitting and sealing with a transparent plastic lid or clear (not frosted) glass. Secure or glue the solar cells to a backing board or timber using a touch of caulking compound on the back of each cell. Then connect the solar cells together in series and add the in-line diodes, the function of which is to ensure that the direct current generated flows in one direction only (towards the storage batteries) during daylight and to prevent current leaking away during hours of darkness. Another option or approach in this example as to how to make a solar panel is to install a charge control device on the storage battery. This is an easy solution to restricting current flow to one direction only but it does involve additional expense. Building solar panels is much simpler than most people think. The first step is the important one - to make up your mind that you really CAN do it. Once you decide you just need to keep at it - and in just a few hours you'll find that you have made a very useful renewable energy project. It is important that components are protected from the elements. Proper insulation reduces the instance of corrosion. Ensuring that the job is done properly will pay handsome dividends in the long run. Make sure that neither rain nor moisture can enter the panels. Spending that little extra time making sure the finished job is neat and tidy will add to the visual appearance, as well as your sense of satisfaction. A note on online purchases - be aware that whether online or offline there are scammers who offer ultra cheap 'B' grade cells. Don't get the cheapest unless you are sure the quality is satisfactory, and don't buy the most expensive unless you absolutely have to. Do your research online. And when purchasing solar cells ensure they have the tabs already fitted. The term solar is often used loosely nowadays. In this project we are referring to panels which have been built up from solar cells and their function is to convert heat energy from the sun into electrical energy. The other meaning of the word refers to the simple absorption of heat from the sun to warm or heat water as it passes through the system. Understanding that learning how to make your own solar panels is simple and requires very little outlay, should inspire everyone to give this green energy power source a go.
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