Instant Savings With Solar Energy

by:Longsun     2020-04-15
Millions of householders in Britain are still in the dark about the possibility of solar energy, despite the Government's attempts to promote the technology and reduce carbon emissions. The fact is, not only will solar panels save you hundreds of pounds every year, but they'll also add value to your home. This can be as much as A�5,000 says the Green Energy Company. But here is the problem; as many as 20 million homeowners are simply unaware of the savings you'll make with solar panels. Two million have the belief that there are no savings possible, whilst six million say electricity bills would only be reduced by between 6% and 10%. A further 150,000 even believe that solar power isn't possible in the UK because of poor weather conditions. But all of the above are false. First off, solar panels generate free electricity in daylight and all weather conditions. On top of this, you can expect to make a 10-15% annual return of investment with energy bills reductions and earnings from Government schemes. The Green Energy Company has calculated average household savings and earnings to be over A�830, which is measured through a number of incentives: How are solar energy savings calculated? Energy bill savings: Solar panels capture natural energy from the sun and convert it into usable electricity for the home. As you're not using grid electricity, your bills will be reduced by as much as A�300 a year. Guaranteed earnings: As well as the savings you'll make on your annual energy bills, there's also the incentive of a fixed income through a Government supported scheme. The feed-in tariff pays homeowners and businesses for generating their own electricity at a rate of 16p/kWh. The Energy Saving Trust estimates your annual earnings to be around A�600. Export electricity: Not all the energy you produce will be used in your home, and to save it going to waste it'll be automatically exported to the National Grid. Your energy provider will pay for each unit they receive and predicted earnings are A�77 a year. Carbon cuts: On top of the fantastic financial benefits solar energy offers, you'll also be helping the environment and reducing carbon emissions by a whopping 40 tonnes over the system's lifetime. This has a dual effect of assisting the Government in climate change targets and reducing the impact of global warming. As it stands, the average household energy bill is over A�1,200 annually. As gas and electricity prices are expected to rise even more over the next few years, your bills are only going to increase. With solar panels you can guarantee your energy future and make savings to your bills for over 25 years. The feed-in tariff will also run for 20 years, helping you to see a 10-15% annual return of investment. The Green Energy Company's Managing Director, John Benner, said: 'Clearly, people really aren't fully aware of just how easy it is to save money with solar panels. With energy bills predicted to increase dramatically over the next few years, people need to ensure they are armed with the correct information about how much money they can save as in the vast majority of cases, it's significantly more than they might think.' 'Solar panels are an effective way of combating rising utility costs and we encourage everyone to investigate their home's potential today.' Solar energy offers a route away from the expensive wholesale gas and electricity prices. Solar panels are guaranteed to reduce your bills and you'll even earn a fixed income for 20 years. Take advantage of the low solar costs now and secure your energy future. Complete our solar energy quotes form and enjoy all the benefits renewable energy brings to your home.
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