How To Make Solar Cells - Building Your Own Solar Cells

by:Longsun     2020-05-19
Solar power is a complex process that necessitates a large quantity of cells running an individual house. The set-up, however, quickly proves its worth for those interested in full energy independence. Depending on the number of sunny days your house can receive, an investment in a solar grid could eliminate any need for utility bills. Homeowners wondering how to make solar cells need only take a visit to a local hardware store to see if the proper parts are in stock: many of the parts may be found online as well from retailers, outlet stores, or even Amazon. Anyone can make a small solar generator cell for around two to three hundred dollars, capable of powering individual appliances in any part of the world that receives adequate sunlight. The crucial step in the process of how to make solar cells is picking out the exact materials. While there is some wiggle room in terms of size and power, a solar cell must have several crucial parts. Copper is needed as the conductor in the electrical system: you will need around half a square foot (a square foot of copper costs around five dollars) as well as the sheers to cut it. Two crocodile-mouth clamps, the type used to jump-start a car battery, will allow the power to flow. An ammeter to read the power signal will tell you how much electricity is being produced, as well as how great the fluctuations are under variable light. A plastic bottle, tap water, salt, and a cleaning instrument (like sandpaper or a bit of steel wool) will also be needed. Using a stove or other type of burner, heat up the sheet of copper, make sure that your hands are completely clean (dirt or oils may corrode the metal) and that the sheet of metal has been scrubbed down and removed of any contaminants. Heat the copper to the highest setting and you will see the metal oxidize and create purple and green colors. Eventually the sheet of metal should turn completely black. Give it half an hour to turn totally black, as this oxidation will be crucial. Let the metal cool (but not too quickly, leave it on the stove) and watch as the black flakes 'leap' off the cooling metal like popcorn. Do not scrub the black flakes off, or else you may damage the copper sheet. Take another sheet of copper the same size and place both within the plastic bottle, without either metal touching. Attach the two crocodile-mouth clips to the metal sheets and hook them up to the ammeter on the negative end. Add salt to hot water, making sure it is entirely dissolved, and pour the salt water into the water bottle. Leave about an inch of space from the top of the metal and ensure that the clips do not get wet. This little solar cell will generate around sixty microamps of current and will save up the charge, like a miniature battery, even when the sun is not shining.
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