How to Get the Right DIY Solar Panel Dimension

by:Longsun     2020-05-01
For home owners that are thinking of installing a residential solar power system, making your own solar panel is a very good idea. A typical home solar power system is quite expensive if you were to engage a professional contractor. Be prepared to spend upwards of $25,000. A large portion of the budget will be on the solar panel. It makes up more than 50 percent of the total cost. Therefore, building your own solar module will save you lots of money. If you were to construct your own solar panel, how big should it be? A solar cell module should be able to produce approximately 18 volts and power output of around 75 watts under a clear sunny day. Based on that configuration, you will need 36 Photovoltaic (PV) cells. One popular way to arrange the cells is the 4 cells across x 9 cells down setup. A typical PV cells is 3' x 6' and there are 4 cells wide, so we need at least 24' (6' x 4 = 24'). You want to allow a variance of 1/4' in between the rows, so add 3/4' to the width (1/4' x 3 = 3/4'). Add 1 inch on the right and left sides and you are left with 24 3/4'. Round it up to 25' for easy calculation. Now do the same to get the height dimension. (9 cells high x 3' each) + (8 spaces in between the cells x 1/4'). Now allow 3 inches more spacing to cater for the top and bottom of the panel to accommodate the positive and negative run wires. When you add it all up, you will get 32'. The final dimension for a 4 cells across x 9 cells down arrangement DIY solar panel is 25' x 32'.
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