How to Choose the PV Solar Panel?

by:Longsun     2020-05-05
Selection of Solar Panel according to the following: Electronic devices operating voltage and current requirements Use of the environment Operating voltage and current needs To determine the requirements of your system operating voltage and current. Devices for direct power supply equipment, calculate the total system requirements. Battery charging: voltage First, select the required solar module operating voltage. Generally, operating voltage of 3 to 3.6 volts of Solar Panel for the two AA 1.2 volt rechargeable battery recharge. Operating voltage of 7.2 volts of Solar Panel will receive five 1.2 volt rechargeable battery or a 6 volt gel or lead acid batteries. Operating voltage of 15.4 volts for a solar module will be 12 volt gel or lead acid battery. Do not charge alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries are not rechargeable. You can with your battery manufacturer to determine if you think the battery and solar components for fully applicable. Battery Charge: Current Select the appropriate operating current of the solar module to charge your device. Generally speaking, do not charge the rechargeable battery 10% more than its rated power storage capacity. For example, a 700mA-hr battery solar charger can safely provide 70mA of operating current. Increase the voltage and current circuit connection method You can parallel connection or series connection of Solar Panel to achieve a higher voltage (series) or higher current (parallel). However, a similar restriction to use only touch the block: for example, two MP3-37 model or two MP7.2-75 models, but not mixed with used. Parallel connecting two similar blocks will provide double the current touch, feel connected in series of three similar blocks will triple the output voltage. Warning! We do not recommend the method of Solar Panel connected in series connection to the output voltage of 48 volts (48V) or more of the devices. Voltage of 48 volts or more can cause fatal injuries! Use of the environment If you are using the outdoor environment is to be permanently withstand wind and rain exposure and environmental conditions, the necessary ultraviolet solar system may have been a stable surface and protection from moisture damage. (In some rare cases, these factors may not be important. For example, if the works or the use of the time required less than one year.) PowerFilm A� WeatherProTM solar product line is designed for permanent outdoor use and designed to protect. Environment in a more moderate use of solar china energy components, robustness and durability requirements generally do not have to PowerFilm A� WeatherProTM products. Personal use and use of environmental factors will be very different. In the specific usage patterns to test the Solar Panel of your choice, to ensure that it meets the above questions to the specific application requirements. Specific application requirements Some solar energy usage of specific applications with special needs. For example: ultra-thin shape, the specific footprints, the Solar Panel can flip the rear of the device, equipped with pressure-sensitive adhesives, and so on.
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