How Much Does Solar Panel Installation Cost?

by:Longsun     2020-04-06
If you are thinking of installing solar power then there are two main types you should consider before committing to a price. • Solar power panels - these are used to heat water • Photovoltaic (PV) - these solar panels produce electricity for your home Heating water panels cost on average A�3000 - A�4000 and PV is slightly more expensive starting from A�5000. The price of these can obviously influence your final decision. Costs of Installation of solar energy There is no fixed cost applied to the installation of a solar panel system. Prices are set according to what energy your household uses. An approximate cost would range from A�3000 - A�5000 for an average family but there are a lot of variables which could lead to this price going up or down. Solar powered systems are categorised and priced by the number of kWh a household generates. You may require a 2kW system if you are a person living alone and use the average of 3.3 kWh per annum. However, the roof space available on your property maybe smaller than the average and only have space for 5 panels, meaning you will have to have a 1kWh system installed. Families and couples will have different requirements. The larger the use of energy, the larger and more expensive the system is, with a larger area of roof space required. Solar panel installation companies charge different prices and it is advisable to get quotes from tradesmen before committing. Government grants Grants initiated by the government to encourage people to live a greener life-style can make the prospect of solar panels more appealing. These grants can be referred to as Feed In Tariffs (FIT) and can be used in conjunction with solar energy for electricity of heating. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is another scheme designed to make the proposition of green energy more financially attractive to home owners. If you want to apply for government grants related to solar power you will need to make sure your installation company is accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) which is connected to the Feed in Tariff. Costs for maintaining your solar panels Solar panels will need to be kept clean in order to maintain their efficiency. Some installation companies offer this to customers and your regular window cleaner may also be able to do it. It is worth asking the company who install your system what other maintenance costs there are likely to be. There is a possibility that the main inverter in the system will need changing at some point which would bear a cost of about A�1000. Extra costs Extra costs can include insurance and planning permission. 1. Household insurance can be affected by solar panels. You will need to speak to your home insurance company to find out more details. 2. Planning permission is not normally required but can be in locations of conservation or national heritage. 3. If your roof is not strong enough to hold the solar panels you may have to pay for a roofer to carry out work on it before they are installed. Kilowatt-hour - kWh
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