How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

by:Longsun     2020-04-25
Trying to find an answer to questions about how much solar panels cost? The answer is there really is no simple answer. Solar panels can be purchased for as low as $3.00 per watt, or as high as $9.80 per watt. Experienced handyman may even say that the panels can be built by almost anyone at a cost of less than $1.00 per watt. So how can the average homeowner know how much to expect to pay for solar panels? First Things First Solar energy projects are generally priced by the watt. Simply put, before you can access the cost of the project you want to undertake, you need to estimate the amount of wattage needed to provide power to your home. There are two options here. If you want to save on your home energy bills or simply to install a greener system of energy, but not go off the grid entirely, you may choose to install a system that provides less than 900 watts of power. On the other hand, if you are looking to completely replace your current source of energy, you may need a system that will give 1400 watts or more. The best way to determine how much wattage you need for your project is to use a solar energy calculator. The United States Department of Energy provides a reliable way for homeowners to estimate their monthly energy usage free of charge. You can find their solar energy calculator by visiting . Installed Solar Panels If you opt to have your solar cells installed professionally, in 2011 you can expect to pay anywhere from $6.50 and $8.50 per watt of power provided. If this still seems like a lot of variation in pricing, that's because there are other factors to consider. The price of solar panel installation might be affected by many extenuating circumstances, including where you live, the time of year you choose to have the system installed, the difficulty of the job, the kind of solar cell you are going with and finally, the company you hire to do the work. Self Installed Panels Solar panels can be purchased either on-line or at various retail outlet locations, for do it yourself installation projects. By choosing to install the products yourself you can expect to save as much as 50% off of the per watt price. Before purchasing panels for self installation, be sure that the manufacturer warranty does not become invalid if the products are not installed by professionals. You should also consider the cost of the whole project, rather than just the savings you receive on the purchase of the panels. To determine the project cost, calculate the cost of the panels as well as the additional materials you will need to install them, such as junction box, wiring, mounting systems and hardware. Once you have an estimate of the total project cost, divide that by the number of watts your system will provide, in order to determine the actual per watt cost of a self-installed solar energy project. Solar Panel Kits All inclusive solar panel installation kits average between $3.00 and $5.00 per watt. The kits include the panels and all of the materials needed to complete the job of installing them. Prices very, however, according to the quality of the materials used in the kits, as well as by the location where they are purchased, time of year and the individual sellers. When shopping for solar panel kits, be sure to look at several different options and compare not only prices, but pay attention to which materials are included, notice the quality of the products, and check the reliability of the company you are purchasing from. Build Your Own Solar Panels Starting with ready-made solar cells, many homeowners choose to construct their own solar cells. While this is not necessarily the easiest solution, it may be the most cost efficient. Individual solar cells range from $1.00 to $2.00 each, and can provide either one or two watts of energy. As with other projects, however, it is a good idea to calculate the whole project cost, including the additional materials needed to build the panels and install them.
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