How Do You Know If a Solar Cell is Working?

by:Longsun     2020-05-02
One of the major components of a solar panel is the Photovoltaic (PV) cell. PV cell is a semi-conductive material and is capable of generating electricity when exposed to sun light. Some home owners prefer to make their own solar module system to save cost. One way of reducing the project budget is to source for inexpensive solar cells. There are many places where cheap solar cells can be found. One of the most popular places to find inexpensive PV cells is Ebay. However, not all the cells that you buy from eBay will be in good working condition. How do you know if a solar cell is working? You need to test it with a multi-meter. A PV cell has 2 sides. The bluish side then it is exposed to the sun is the 'negative' side. This is the side where the electrons leave the panel. There are also 2 strips of electrodes attached to this side. The back of the side is known as the 'positive' side. At the back, there are usually 3 contact points. In order to check if the solar cell is working, you have to touch the testing rods of the multi-meter on the electrodes and the contact point. Make sure the 'positive' and 'negative' nodes are the same. If you get this wrong, the multi-meter will produce an incorrect reading. Put the PV cell under the sun and use the multi-meter. If you are getting a reading of more than 3 amps from on the multi-meter, that means the solar cell is working properly. If you are getting readings of less than 1.5 amps, the solar cell may be damaged or cracked. There is no point using it on a solar panel. You have to throw it away.
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