How about production technology for solar panel in LONGSUN SOLARELECTRIC CO.,LTD Longsun Solar Panel?
It is a guarantee made by LONGSUN SOLARELECTRIC CO.,LTD that our production technology stays lead in the solar panel segmentation and provides you with quality products at reasonable prices. Every year we make a huge investment in manufacturing technology which dominates a great percentage to the total sales. The product that relies on manufacturing technology has been certified.

LONGSUN SOLARELECTRIC CO.,LTD Longsun Solar Panel offers clients with a professional complete product solution from design, production, quality control to delivery of best solar panel company. The polycrystalline solar panel series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. foldable solar panel's usage is ubiquitous in the field of low cost solar panels. The product comes with sturdy frames and can withstand a heavy snow load and high wind pressure. The product is able to stand up high temperatures. The wood materials used will cope extremely well with the increased temperatures within the sauna room. The product has excellent waterproofing and dust-proofing performance.

Our company has established a corporate social responsibility framework. Under the guideline of this framework, the company contributes to supporting foundations which help the disadvantaged, starving people, and those with social needs. Contact us!
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