How A Solar Panel Works

by:Longsun     2020-05-31
While the technology that goes into creating a solar panel is quite complicated, the concept is actually quite simple. They are made up of solar cells, which are often made out of silicon. Other materials which can be used to construct solar cells are cadmium telluride and gallium arsenide. Whatever the material the solar cells work due to an effect called the photovoltaic effect. As a result,they are occasionally referred to as solar photovoltaic panels or solar PV panels. These are the panels that specifically produce electricity. With the photovoltaic effect, you start with sunlight or photons more specifically. These photons hit the solar cells in the solar panel and pass into the silicon, which is a semiconductor. The photons energize some of the electrons, which then change position. This change in position results in the generation of electricity as the electron joins the electrical circuit. This occurs because solar cells are made up of two layers. One layer is positively charged and one layer is negatively charged. By putting the layers together an electrical field is created, and this facilitates the movement of the electrons. A solar panel is made up of interconnected solar cells. The panels are wired to a battery, to store the electricity, or they are wired into a power grid, where the electricity can be used. This process only occurs when the photons are absorbed by the solar cells. They might also reflect off the solar panel and not get used. This is one reason that these panels are often angled very precisely so that they can receive the maximum amount of sunlight. In fact, a solar panel is not a hundred percent efficient. Even in controlled environments (like a research laboratory) they are not very efficient. The efficiency has to do with the materials being used and environmental factors. Nonetheless, this is a positive indication that solar panels will continue to improve and be used in the future. Today, people all over the world use these panels to produce electricity. They can be used for everything from powering a small, backyard workshop to providing the power needs for a large commercial building. When they are installed on buildings, they are tied into the existing power grid. This way when the solar panels do not produce enough power, the building's occupants can still use the power provided by the grid. The power company also takes any extra electricity being produced by the solar PV panel system and uses it elsewhere. People or companies who own solar PV systems receive income from the feed in tariff if their system produces five megawatts or less. Most residential systems would not be able to produce that much energy. This tariff is split into two main tariffs, the generation tariff and the export tariff, and the power company pays solar PV panel owners for the kilowatt hours produced and used or produced and exported to the power grid. The arrangement usually lasts around twenty-five years, and it serves as an incentive for people to purchase and use solar panels. The solar PV panel is an incredible piece of technology that will benefit people for many years.
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