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by:Longsun     2020-05-11
So you want to build your own power plant? It's not as difficult as it might seem and the benefits are enormous. Commonly found grid-tied solar systems are constructed using these basic system components: solar modules, mounting system, inverter, junction box, electrical disconnect and wiring. Off-grid systems have the same components as a grid-tied system with the addition of batteries and a charge controller. Even if you have basic electrical skills or know someone who does, the process of constructing a solar system for your home is not that difficult. The key to the success of your home solar energy system is to engineer the system correctly and look for resources who have done what you are considering and collect the basic system requirements for your use. These days, designing, purchasing and building the solar array has become set and the knowledge of system design more prevalent. As a first step, you may want to research the system issues and discover what the system design and construction pitfalls may be or get opinions on what has and has not worked for others. Forums and Blogs are good places to start as they can ground your expectations and frame the problem a little more for you without a sales influenced decision. Find out what others have built in terms of wattage, siting issues, power company interfaces (might be the toughest hurdle!), inverter types and models, solar module experiences and general construction issues. After you get a general idea of what may work for your system, start looking at system cost versus your power generation needs. Do you want to displace the power company completely or just make a dent in the monthly bill? Since solar will only generate electricity when the sun is shining, it may not be cost effective to size your system for peak power demand due to higher sunk costs. On the other hand, the power company will buy the excess power you generate at a discount which you need to factor into your decision. It is a good practice to get the necessary permissions from the county and power company prior to purchasing any solar hardware as this may end up being a significant factor in what you are allowed to do. Is the power company just protecting their utility base? Sure, they want to sell power but their main motivation is making sure the power that is effectively added to the power grid (power can go into as well as out of the grid) is in synchronization with the power company's generated power. So try to get this step done as early as possible as it will make the rest of your work easier. Selecting the proper solar components is easily done with the multiple on-line stores and local solar hardware suppliers nearby. So, where does a person who is looking for an affordable solar module go? Consider shopping at a web store for a quality solar panel that delivers reliable performance at a price that makes installation worthwhile. The current trend is to manufacture the highest watt solar module per panel which saves the user money. A module in the 200 watt and higher range is usual and the cost per watt will range from $1.30 an up. Many designers get hung up on efficiency but look for the best value per delivered watt and you will rarely go too wrong. Inverters are easiest to specify and find as the user base is very vocal and will be able to steer you in the correct direction. The same goes for hardware as racking has become standardized for all types of roofs and materials.
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