High-output solar panel is made of polycrystalline or monocrystalline solar cells with high efficiency which is as high as 20-22 %. It is currently the best solar panel, with a common type of 270-290W or 320-350W.
Power tolerance range(ensure output power in -3 ~ +3 % positive and negative tolerance range). The product has excellent weak light performance. And also the wind(2400 Pascal) and snow(5400 Pascal) loads that can withstand strong winds and snow.
All the Solar panels have a lifetime of more than 25 years under reasonable use. 90 % output power is guaranteed within 10 years and 80 % output power is guaranteed within 20 years.

This series of the solar panels are popular in the international market.

The panels can be used for the solar power system, solar power station and EPC project.

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