Harness Solar Energy for Your Home Electricity Needs

by:Longsun     2020-04-09
If you explore your energy options further, you will see that you have one option that is totally efficient and cost-effective: Solar energy, that is. Have you ever explored the option of solar energy at home? If then, then you should. Passing on this available opportunity could do your pocket no good and you could feel the additional burden of your expenses day by day. With the world focusing too much on global warming and the rising costs of electricity and fuel, you can help cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and decrease household electricity consumption by switching to switching to solar power. Solar power needs not too much introduction, and it only comes from the planet's only endless source of energy: the sun. By harnessing the heat and light coming from the sun and converting it into electrical power, we can energise our homes in a pollution-free way. No energy is wasted and no pollution is produced as solar power is clean and renewable. Just imagine we can convert the radiant heat and light of the sun into electricity for our homes. This comes possible by installing solar panels at home. There are three ways in which we can harness the heat and light of the sun for our household needs: • Solar thermal/heating - If you utilize the energy of the sun for heating purposes, it is called solar thermal or heating. This can power household applications including hot water, showers, cooking, heating and even for laundry and swimming pools. • Solar photovoltaic - If you use the energy of the sun to generate electricity at home, this is called solar photovoltaic. The installation and use of photovoltaic cells (a large array of special cells made out of semi-conductor materials) can help generate electrical power. • Passive solar - You can also directly use the sun's energy to heat or dehumidify the air inside your home to enhance insulation. Why should you switch to renewable solar energy? Let us count some of the benefits: • Reduces your electricity bills - Once you have paid for the installation of photovoltaic panels, you can see your bills go down. Sunlight is free, so why not use it? • Saves the environment - In what way? It reduces greenhouse gas emission and carbon footprint. Pollution is thus reduced, and your home could save many tonnes of carbon dioxide in a year. • Enjoy more savings through government incentives and subsidies - The government is heavily encouraging homeowners to switch to solar energy for use at home. In return, they are offering rebates per installation of photovoltaic panels, plus sales tax and property tax exemptions or deductions, income tax credits or deductions. Check with the policies regarding solar energy systems in your areas. You have options for your household energy needs. Why hold on to electricity or natural gas when prices are up and your wallet is getting thinner by the minute? Harness the light and heat from the sun now and enjoy the benefits of using clean and renewable energy. Contact your local solar panel installation company today.
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