Get Rid of High Electrical Costs - Go Solar!

by:Longsun     2020-04-20
How many times have you gone to check your mail, only to find a bill from the electric company for a ridiculously high amount? If you're anything like me, it's happened far too many times. Power companies are known as a natural monopoly, which means they are allowed monopolies in their market due to the fact of the large initial capital to start such a company would be more efficient through a single firm rather than multiple firms. Though it may be considered cost effective on a business standpoint to have natural monopolies, such as electric and water companies, it's by no means cost effective to the consumers like me and you. Year after year power companies nationwide continue to raise their costs and for many of us we wonder what we can possibly do about it. You rely on electricity so much in your daily life, you MUST have it, but sometimes in the economy we're in we can't afford such high rates. I wrestled with this problem myself year after year for what seemed like forever. I've always been interested in renewable sources of energy and kept up to date with the mainstream news about them, but never really considered implementing one of them at my own home. Then as time went by and technology continued to progress, solar energy kits (already assembled) started popping up everywhere. There's tons of large corporations now that sell all the solar panels and wiring you would need to get your home solar in no time. The only problem is you need a pretty large investment to go solar that route, and if you're trying to save money on your power bill you probably don't have the $10,000 - $15,000 to get these panels from the large companies. No worries, I didn't have anywhere near that much money either. I was pretty bummed out at first, but as I continued to research relentlessly I found out that ordering through these big companies isn't the only way to go solar. There are routes out there that are MUCH cheaper, though they require a little more work on your part. Building your own solar panels at home has become a very popular topic since 2009 and more and more people catch on everyday. When you hear about building a solar panel, at first you think 'There's no way I could do that!' or 'I don't have the electrical or technological experience to do such a project.', but I'm here to tell you that you're wrong if you're thinking like that. The only thing that you really need to build your own solar panels is the ambition to want to accomplish it and proper instructions on where to buy the parts you need and how to assemble them properly. No crazy tools are needed, just mainly what you would find in your average toolbox. If it's something your really interested in doing, and you're willing to get your hands a little dirty, you should really look into building your own. It doesn't take long at all and it's very rewarding, both financially and environmentally. The key is finding the right set of instructions; there's a few well known video sets out there that are AMAZING! Check them out and start saving money on your electrical costs today!
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