DIY Solar Panels - Tips and Tricks

by:Longsun     2020-06-05
DIY solar panels can be a fun and easy project to build using simple tools, materials and solar cells, where you can be generating your own electricity, while also feeling good about doing your bit for the environment. The great news is that solar power is possible if you live in many countries, both in the north and southern hemisphere you can install solar panels, to either reduce your electricity bill, or get off the electric grid completely and be energy self-sufficient. For those concerned if they receive enough sunlight, do you know that solar power systems are being installed as far north as Alaska, although, of course, you will receive far more solar energy the closer to the equator you are, (do you know that you can create solar power on cloudy days). As a homeowner, there are many ways to place your solar power system, on the roof, mounted on a pole, as a solar power array in your yard, or if you have a RV, you can use solar energy as you travel. The most important requirement when building solar panels are how carefully you solder the solar cells together, a messy job will significantly decrease your solar panel efficiency. The next consideration is to install the solar panels in the proper location, and at the correct angle to the Sun, to receive the most direct sunlight. Wherever you place your solar panels, keep in mind that your panels generate power best when in direct sunlight, by directly facing south, be especially sure there is no shade at midday. If there are obstacles or trees blocking the sunlight, if possible, move the obstacles out of the way, or cut the trees down. Ideally, your solar panels should be in the Sun most of the day. To help you make the most of your DIY solar panels, here are some tips: Do a quick search for solar cells and you'll be provided with a number of options to consider. One option is 'grade B' solar cells. Grade 'B' simply means that they have blemishes, broken corners, or other problems that prevent them from being sold as brand-new cells, often these grade 'B' solar cells are still very efficient, as always, refer to the sellers feedback and read the description carefully. Cells are typically sold in groups of 36,100, and 108. If you get 108 cells, you'll be able to create three panels with each panel made up of 36 cells. As much as possible, go for tabbed solar cells, this will make wiring easier for you. You may have to pay extra, but the convenience will be well worth it. If you don't buy tabbed solar cells, you will have to solder the tabs on before you can glue the solar cells down. Consider soldering a 'diode' on your panels, so you keep power flowing in one direction only. If you are using batteries to store power generated during the day, this will prevent the power from flowing back from the batteries and into the solar panels, draining whatever power you may have stored during the day. If you have a charge controller, there will be no need for a diode. The easiest place to find solar cells for your solar panels will be online. Sites like eBay are particularly good places to help simplify your search. Try searching using these search terms, 'site: Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cells', 'site: Poly Solar Cells' or 'site: Poly Solar Cells Grade B', as examples. I hope you have found these suggestions helpful for your own DIY project to produce electricity and help protect the environment.
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