DIY Solar Panel Kits

by:Longsun     2020-06-03
DIY solar panel kits are becoming extremely popular these days. While solar panel prices have come down over the last year, it's still quite economical for you to use a DIY solar panel kit to build your panels. With a pre-made kit you can expect to save 30% over buy; however, if you buy the parts for your panels by yourself you can save upwards of 60% over buying a commercial model. Here are the parts you're going to need to setup your own DIY solar panel kit. Tabbed solar cellsTabbing wirePlexiglass (2' x 4' x 1/4')Plywood (2' x 4' x 3/8')SolderSoldering ironFluxWhite exterior siliconeWhite 'J' flashing You can get most of these items from your local hardware store; however, you'll probably need to order the tabbed solar cells and the tabbing wire online. My personal favorite place to order them from is eBay... mostly because they have the best deals. After you've assembled all of the parts for your DIY solar panel kit it's time to do a little bit of practicing with soldering. Soldering isn't that difficult and you'll pick it up in no time, but let's not break any solar cells learning shall we? The important thing to learn about solder is that it's not going to stick to anything unless it has flux on it first. The best way to learn is to simply cut two pieces of tabbing wire and practice soldering them together. First only solder them using solder and than apply a little flux and than solder them. You'll probably notice that adding flux before soldering made the solder 'flow' better. That's the whole purpose of flux... to make solder flow (and to clean oxydation away). Now you that you have kit together and you know how to solder you can start building your solar panel. The first step is to connect all of those cells that you have into strings. The reason that you have to do that is because a single solar cell on it's own doesn't produce enough voltage to charge a battery so you need to string them together in order to produce a useful voltage. Once the solar cells are stringed together you can arrange them face down on the plexiglass. One important thing here is that even spacing is going to make your solar panel look that much more professionally built. A little piece of wood that's 1/4' thick works great as a spacer. Than it's sandwich time (figuratively of course). You sandwich the spaced cells in between the plexiglass and the plywood and attach the 'J' flashing and your first panel is done!
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