DIY Home Solar - What Type of Solar Module Mounting

by:Longsun     2020-05-04
There are four main types of mounting structures for solar modules; ground/roof, top of pole, side of pole, and solar trackers. Each mounting structure has both its pros and cons. For example, roof mounted modules require a special ground device and may require multiple penetration points on the roof. On the other hand, ground mounted structures which can be easily maintained are highly susceptible to theft and vandalism. If you live in a snowy area, there can be a buildup of snow at the base of the solar mount that can hinder its efficiency. Top of pole mounts are popular because they are easy to install and maintain. You can sink a 2-6 inch diameter steel pole which stands 4-6 feet high into concrete. The solar module is place on the top of the pole which reduces the risk for vandalism and theft. Snow slides off easily off these mounts. Side of pole mounts are best for a small number of panels because they do not support as much weight. Lastly, trackers increase the amount of full sun hours by keeping the solar panels directly perpendicular to the lines of sunlight. Solar trackers have regularly increase the amount of solar electricity generated by 30-50%. Whatever type of solar mounting you do end up choosing, make sure that you install it properly and have an experienced electrician do the wiring for you. There are many cases where manufacturers do not warrant breakages because of mishandling of the panels due to improper mounting. Consult a local installer if you are doing this by yourself.
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