Build a Solar Panel in the Home: A Complete Walkthrough

by:Longsun     2020-04-16
If you are here, I think you must be aware of the importance of using solar energy, and the benefits it has. So let's get straight to the point. You want to use energy from solar light, but the high initial cost is stopping you from using it. Now you don't have to worry about those extra costs, here is the solution: A Do It Yourself (DIY) Solar Panel, with the help of this guide you can build a solar panel in your home and it will cost you only $200 instead of $2000-$3000 if you purchase ready-made panel from market. How to build a solar panel: Building it is not a tough task; you will not need any special skills to build a solar panel. You only need basic carpentry skills which most of the people have; with this complete walkthrough you can build a solar panel very easily. Just follow the every step closely. Before starting you should buy all of the items we will need during this process. Here is the list of items: -Woodworking tools (Saw, Drill, Screwdriver, etc... ) -Glue -Silicone Glue (To use as sealant) -Wire cutter -Electric wire -Wire stripper -Solder -Soldering iron -Solar plates -Photovoltaic cells -Semiconductor block -Converter -Battery -Wood for making container -Screw -Paint items You can get most of the items from your local market, if you have hard time finding anything you can try eBay where you can get these items at a cheap price. 1. First of all you should join solar plate and photovoltaic cell (Photovoltaic cells produces electricity from the sunlight), keep solar plates on the top, the joint should be firm enough to hold for a long period. You should consider the size of the cells also, it all depends upon how much energy from solar light you want to produce, and the cells can be bought as either 6'x6' or 3'x3'. 2. Now connect the semiconductor block to the wires coming out from the last two cells in the line, and then alternate to the opposite edge with the next two lines of cells, and repeat until you reach the end of the panel. 3. Now you have to build a container for the solar panel, the easiest (and cheapest) is a wooden frame, although you can use aluminum if you can afford one. Once you finalized the layout of cells, create the frame use glue or screws to fix it together. You can even paint it if you want it to look nice. I would also recommend using a waterproof varnish, to protect the frame from the elements. While making container make sure that you have made holes for the wires coming out from the final cells in the panel, the two rows you didn't attach a base wire to. 4. Connect the converter to it; it is used to filter all non-electric component of the energy from solar light. 5. Now it's time to connect the battery, the battery will absorb the electrons which are coming from converter after filtering non-electrical component of solar energy. This converts the energy from solar light to electrical energy. Now you can use the battery output for your purpose. These are the complete steps you need to follow to build a solar panel. And as you can see this is very easy to build. After making this the proper placement is very important, you should place it in such place so that it receives maximum sunlight during daytime. You should install it on your roof or in your backyard where it gets maximum exposure to the sun and converts the most energy from solar light. Now you have your own solar panel you can use it for your own purpose and cut you electricity bill and you also have option to distribute cheap electricity in your neighborhood, this will add something to your pocket. ENJOY!
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