Brunton Solar Roll - Reviewing Brunton Flexible

by:Longsun     2020-05-01
Are you an adventurous person and love the great outdoors? Some people like challenging activities such mountain climbing, tracking in the rain forest, kayaking, hiking in the desert etc. You may be a rugged person but there are some things you may not want to leave behind. Successful people taking a trip to the outdoor want to be connected to the rest of the world. That's why they always have their cell phone, laptop or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) with them. But there's one major drawback about these electronic gadgets though. Without a power source, the battery unit will run out of juice after a couple of days. When you are out in the open, there is no way for you to plug-in for power. Due to that requirement, Brunton has come out with a unique product to fulfill the demand. It is their flexible solar module kit. This article will provide a quick review on the portable solar unit. Brunton solar roll up panel is capable of generating up to 14 watts of power. That is sufficient to charge most of the mobile personal electronic devices such as cell phone, PDA, digital cameras, video cameras etc. The Photovoltaic (PV) cells are of amorphous type which are very effective even under low-light environment. If you are in a rain forest with lots of tree covers, you will still get some trickle charge to your devices using the solar module from Brunton. Durability wise, the solar module is a tough cookie. It is made from Tefzel, a very tough flouropolymer. Even if you are caught in a torrential rain, the solar kit is waterproof. If you have to, you can even use it as a rain shield, however, it is not recommended though. If you are concern about the weight, Brunton flexible solar panel it only 17 ounces. Most probably your laptop will weigh more than the unit. Size wise, it measures 12 inches by 57 inches. When you need to top up your battery, you can always stretch it out on the ground or place it on some sturdy tree branches. When it is rolled up, it does not take up a lot of space and will fit nicely in your back pack. Sometimes when you are on the move, you may need more power from your portable solar cells. One of the special features of the Brunton foldable solar module is its ability to be multi-linked. You can purchase few units of the solar module and connect all of them together to ramp up the power output. The unit is flexible enough to meet all of your future power needs.
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