10 Reasons Why You Should Use Solar Energy As

by:Longsun     2020-04-19
What is Solar Energy? Solar Energy is the energy derived from the sun. There is a device known as a solar panel which is used to trap the sun's energy and convert it to electricity. A combination of two or more panels will generate more electricity. A solar panel is made up of many solar cells wired together. The conventional source of energy has some little problems or inadequacies associated with it which this alternative source of energy has come to solve. Some of the problems associated with the connection to the grid are: 1. Inconsistency of electricity supply. 2. Increase in the cost of electricity. The use of solar energy as an alternative source of energy to generate electricity is the solution to the problems. There are ten (10) solid reasons why you should shift to using solar energy. These reasons are: 1. It will put an end to inconsistency in electricity supply since solar energy is always available, that is, it is renewable. Sun shines everyday and you can tap into the sun's energy any day. 2. It can be stored for use during the dark hours or during the night when sunshine would have gone down by using batteries. 3. It reduces electricity cost. If you are still connected to the grid, you will pay less to the utility company. You can make use of solar energy during the day and electricity from utility company during the night. By so doing it reduces the cost of electricity. 4. It does not emit dangerous gases like sulphur monoxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide that are released by the use of fuel generators during power outages. 5. It does not cause air pollution. Fuel generator causes air pollution. 6. It does not cause noise pollution. Fuel generator causes noise pollution. 7. It does not cause global warming. The gases released from the use of fuel generators causes global warming. 8. You can sell excess energy generated from solar energy to the utility company. 9. Property value of your house will be high or increased when you install solar panel system in your house. 10. A residential house with a solar panel system installed in it takes about 1A� years to have paid for itself. This number of years can even be reduced if you can do the installation by yourself. This is made possible by the use of a manual that talk about descriptive diagrams and video to guide you. With the few points that I've listed above, I think you should be able to see reasons why you should turn your awareness to the use of solar energy as a renewable source of energy to power your house.
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